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Karl’s Story



Proclaimed with an exuberant smile and a sparkle in the eye, this was the epitome of a young man that brought goodness into every life he touched.  This gift to the world was taken from us suddenly and inexplicably on a cold Saturday morning, cutting short much promise and forever breaking dreams.

“I Have a Dream”

Ten years ago I set out on a mission. This mission is one full of determination and pride that no one can get in the way of. Through only hard work and determination can this dream be reached. That one day I will play in the NHL.

Since the beginning of this dream, when I first stepped in a pair of skates, people have “said” they were behind me. Only to walk away and whisper under their breath, ”He’ll never make it.” It created for me a path of set backs that I’ve had to battle through.

And ten years later, I’ve overcome all of these set backs. And ten years later, I still haven’t proven enough to people that I have what it takes to go all the way. All they can see is my small 5’7” frame, over looking my talent, work ethic and determination. Ten years later I still realize that I’m going to have to be the best if I want to go pro.

So, I ask myself, how can I become the best? Even with all of the terrible adversity, and no one giving me a chance.  I have to be willing to make sacrifices. I’ll have to go the extra mile no matter what. To push myself in everything I do, never giving up. From doing that extra rep in the weight room, to making that extra save on the ice. I have to be willing to leave everything that I’ve got out there. The only way to quiet down the non-believers is through hard work and determination.

Through hard work and determination my dream can be achieved; of one day playing in the NHL.

Through hard work and determination I will reach heights in my lifetime not only in hockey, but my life too.

Through hard work and determination I will become physically and mentally stronger.

Through hard work and determination I will become bigger, faster, smarter, and stronger.

Through hard work and determination I will have the ability to compete for every minute of every period I’ll ever play.

Through hard work and determination I will become the best to ever play the game of hockey.

This dream is one that no one will ever get in the way of. One that when I look back, I will have silenced all of the people that ever doubted me.

Karl January 2009

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Boise High School Junior Karl Seyb lost his life in a tragic car accident on April 9, 2011.  Karl was the consummate competitor and athlete, who loved all sports and achieved considerable levels of proficiency in hockey and baseball, and whose drive and dedication was an inspiration to all.  He was a friend to everyone, and could so easily encourage his teammates with a grin.

Karl was also an outstanding student, with his last report showing a 4.33 GPA in mostly AP classes.  He always set high goals for himself, and was focused on achieving them.

His “I have a Dream” treatise was a root motivating force in his life; Karl didn’t simply talk the talk, he walked the walk. His determination drove him to train hard, and he was not deterred by injuries or even surgeries; his spirit never faltered.  He was always striving for excellence.


A memorial scholarship fund has been created by Karl’s mother, Lynne Marie, to offer recognition to young scholars and athletes who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement, a dedicated effort to sports, and superior characteristics of citizenship, leadership, and sportsmanship.

Earning a scholarship award is – in and of itself – an achievement, and a symbol of recognition.

Academic scholarships are awarded and available through the Boise Public Schools Foundation, and sports scholarships are awarded through the Idaho Community Foundation, where donations are gratefully accepted.

Invaluable assistance is provided by Steve Skaggs and Rory Jones, whose selfless efforts are gratefully appreciated.


This section is under construction.
Please check back for other scholarship recipients!

Casey Kawamura:

Casey joined the Boise Baseball program in the summer of 2013 and immediately entrenched himself as the starting catcher on both the Brave Varsity and Seminole AA teams.  Casey comes from a good stock as his father was an outstanding catcher in his day, playing Legion baseball in Pocatello, Idaho.  Casey works hard at his craft and has been a great asset to the pitching and coaching staff of the Braves and Seminoles.  Casey graduated from Boise High this spring and he will don the Blue and White of the Clark College Penguins in Vancouver, Washington this fall.  Casey’s parents, Craig and Janet have been great supporters of Casey and are very proud that he will have an opportunity to further his baseball career in college.

Nate Bush:

Nate is in his 4th year playing for the Boise Seminoles AA team and he has been the starting shortstop since 2012.  In high school, Nate was a two time SIC second team all conference selection and earned academic team honors all three years.  He graduated from Boise High this past May and will soon become a Bearcat when he joins the baseball team at Williamette University in Salem, Oregon this fall.  Nate has a great passion for baseball and is very excited to test his skills at the next level.  His parents, John and Katie, are very excited that Nate is going to college and furthering his education.

Noah Willison:

Noah is in his 4th year of action for the Braves and the Seminoles and has been a key member of the pitching staff since day one.  He stands tall not only on the mound, but also as an example that hard work and dedication pay off.  Noah was honored with the Heart of the Brave award following the spring baseball season and was a two time all academic team selection.  His leadership and work ethic are a great testament to his parents Scott and Jenny who are delighted that Noah will soon be a Wildcat when he joins the baseball team at Central Washington University in Ellensburg this fall.

Connor Kingsbury

And a number of other outstanding young people.  Names and details will be posted soon.


Karl’s Excellence Fund is managed by the Idaho Community Foundation. Scholarship funds will be awarded to young men and women who exhibit certain characteristics Karl was known for: athletic talent, sportsmanship, positive attitude and teammate camaraderie.

Here is the link if you would like to donate online:


Or if you prefer, please send your tax deductible donation to:

Karl’s Excellence Fund
c/o Idaho Community Foundation
210 W. State Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

The officers at IFC will send you a receipt for your tax deductible contribution.


Lynne and Tom would like to thank you for your help and support.

We gratefully acknowledge the individuals and organizations that have contributed to date. This list will be updated regularly.

Aaron and Marcie Kowalczyk
Ace Handyman Services
American Endowment Foundation
Andrew Civin
Andrew White
Ann Davis
Anne Williamson
Belinda and Clint Isley
Bernice Seyb
Brian Sandifer
Bruce Harrold
Byron Richard and Karen Daw Flynn
Cambia Health Foundation *
Carol and William Delaney
Carrie Gochnour
Cassie Muehlberg
Charles and Judith Haggett
Charlotte and Thomas Brother
Cherilyn Blender
Christa Patton
Christie Bradley
Cindy Seikkula-Peterson and Jim Peterson
Clarence and Mary Blea
Clarke and Beverly Camenga
Clifford and Inez Lassen
Cynthia Fairfax
Cynthia Hayes
Dagmar Civin
Daniel and Jennifer Jones
David and Laureen Komma
David and Shelley Eichmann
Doug and Jenny Neurath
Elizabeth Noonan
Elsie Lu Dailey
Frances Voulelis *
Gary and Elizabeth Allen
Gary and Susan Parks
Geneva Persinger
Graham and Donna Wetherley
Harold and Nancy Murray
Helen Drawbert
Holly and Jesse Miller *
Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine
Idaho Junior Steelheads- U16
Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation, Inc.
J. Brett and Candace Comstock
J. Lyn Entrikin Goering
J. Michael and Theresa McLeod
James and Christine Maxwell
James Oreskovich
Janice and Scott Dale
Janine Franco, TRHS Clinicians
Jayo Sports & Entertainment LLC
Jeffery Hanson
Jefrey and Patricia Jackson
Jeremy Gray and Bron Roberts *
Jerri and Michael Woodworth
Jesse Miller *
Joe and Tracey Carleton
Joe and Rene Ozuna
Joel and Loni Westrick
John and Diane Larkins *
John and Prudence Ronan
John and Joni Stright
John Broderick *
John Bush
John Simpson and Connie Hall-Simpson
Joseph Civin
K. and Shirley Akagi
Karl and Carol Holsinger
Karl and Rachele Klein *
Kate Ryan
Kay and James Reed
Kelly Donahue
Kenneth and Noreen Poole
Kenneth and Sara Troyer
Kenneth and Sharon Anderson
Kent Heyborne
Larry and Kelly Showalter *
Laurie and Mark Anderson
Lee Kornfield
Leslie Stubbs
Lynne Civin *
Madge Saville
Maran Sheils and Kim Bailey
Marilyn Thies
Mark and Stacy Pearson *
Marlene Voulelis
Mary Jo Girard
Max Entrikin
Michael and Barbara Koszalka
Michael and Joan Boren
Michael Brother
Michael Kelly and Janet Finegan-Kelly
Michael Mann and Judy Haney *
Michelle Bisagno Seale and Walter Seale
Mike and Susan Oths
Mindy and Bruce Harrold
Mountain View Baseball, Inc.
Nancy Riess
Ned and Janet Hurd
Northstar Asset Management, LLC
Oleg and Olga Bougri
Patrick and Cissy Madigan
Patrick and Laurie Plummer *
Patrick and Pamela McGourty
Paul Civin
Penny Beach
Pete and Rosalie Sisson
Rachel and Karl Klein
Rachel Swartz
Richard Rainey
Robert and Janet Martin
Robert Campbell
Robert Egan
Robert Gremp *
Robert Silver
Roderick Stolz
Roger Malinowski and Linda Perez
Ron and Paula Ryan
Ronald and Pamela Grove
Rory and Lisa Jones *
S. Kathryn Potter
Scott Snyder
Scotty Crandlemire
Skico, Inc.
Southshore Partners
St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center *
Stephanie Snarr
Stephen Montamat
Steve Eaton Productions
Steve Kuzara and Beatriz Von Ungern-Sternberg
Steven and Janice Fonken
Steven and Pamela Skaggs *
Steven Hodges *
Susan Burke
The Regence Employee Giving Campaign
The Woman’s Clinic
Thomas and Charlotte Brother
Todd and Molly York
Tom and Lynne Civin *
Toni and Glen Campanella
Via and Andrew Surmelis
Vicki Trees
Virginia and R Gobel
Warren and Patricia Tourangeau
William and Catherine Jonakin
William and Diane Schroeder
William and Karen Seyb
William and Leah Olson

* indicates multiple donations


The Famous SD Chicken


The Famous (San Diego) Chicken performed at the 3rd Annual Memorial Game!



Many thanks to John Olver, Head Coach – Idaho Junior Steelheads, for organizing these event.

Games played

The Second Annual Karl Seyb Memorial Hockey Game was held January 20th, 2013 at the Century Link Arena in Boise.

TV Coverage of the Event


Karl’s Fund has been a strong supporter of the Boise Seminoles American Legion program for several years.  The Seminole program is for baseball players residing within the Boise High School quadrant and it is a highly competitive baseball experience for players in the 14-19 age range.  The Seminoles support two teams with paid coaching staff and they play a packed summer schedule against other Legion teams in the Treasure Valley as well out of town tournament play.  Over the past several years, through the direct assistance of the Fund, several Boise High kids have been rewarded for their dream of playing American Legion baseball.  The Seminoles are lucky and proud to be associated with Karl’s Excellence Fund and a banner honoring Karl’s spirit hangs with pride in center field at Jack Acree Field, home of the Boise High Braves and Boise Seminoles.  American Legion baseball is dedicated to building strong character through teamwork and commitment to common goals.  Karl was a leader and a great teammate.  It is a wonderful testament to his legacy that others are recognized and grow as young men as a result of the Fund’s work.

John A. Bush
President, Boise Seminoles American Legion Baseball

Games played

The 3rd Annual Karl Seyb Memorial Baseball Game was held on July 1st, 2014 at Jack Acree Field, Fort Boise Park, featuring The Seminoles vs. The Capitals. Lots of good folks came to remember Karl and support the League, and we thank you all for coming and your generous donations.

The 2nd Annual Karl Seyb Memorial Baseball Game was held on Thursday, July 18th, 2013, at Fort Boise field at 7:00 pm, featuring The Boise Seminoles vs. The Meridian Rangers in the last game of the season. A scholarship was awarded to Legion Baseball.

The first annual Karl Seyb Memorial Baseball Game was held June 27, 2012 at the Fort Boise Field. The very first scholarship was awarded to Legion Baseball, sponsoring several players.

Karl Seyb Memorial Bench

A Memorial Bench has been permanently placed at the field at Boise High School. It is the result of inspiration and dedication of Karl’s friends and their families led by Marcus and Bernie Brother, and community friends who helped make the dream a reality. An informal dedication was held on Sunday, June 10, 2012. Through fundraising efforts and in-kind donations of materials and labor, enough funds were left over to make a substantial contribution to the Karl Seyb Scholarship Fund. A very grateful thank you to ALL for their time, efforts and generosity.

Speech from the bench dedication:

I was asked to write something in honor of Karl and speak at the dedication today. I’ve never been much of a public speaker, let alone spoken on someone’s behalf at a memorial dedication so naturally I had no idea where to begin. First of all, Thank you all for coming, today we gather to remember one of the most genuine and incredible individuals, Karl Seyb. It’s so difficult to capture an individual like our Karl in just a couple words so I’ll do my best.

Our Karl was a driven young man who succeeded in whatever path he chose for his life, always giving 150% and understanding that the statement “giving up” was not anywhere in his vocabulary. As many of you know, Karl and I were very close for a long time, as were many of you with him so on April 9th, 2011, when the world lost one of the most genuine and talented young men it has ever had, we were all devastated. Many of us were lost in life and didn’t see it getting any brighter, but as we work together and remember Karl, we realize that he was not one to give in, nor would he expect any less of each and every one of us. Karl always pushed for the best, putting others before himself and doing his best to make sure each and every one of us lived in our prime. Karl was one of the few individuals that I think really mastered this thing we call life. He knew how to live, and he lived well, always making every moment reach it’s fullest potential, which many of us can agree is something many people strive for their entire life but never master. As I struggled with losing not only a loved one, but my best friend, over time I came to the realization that Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. Karl has not left us, this has not been a goodbye, but merely a see you later. It is times like these when we need to be strong, hold each other up when we fall and live with Karl in mind and in heart, doing our best to better the community and the lives around us, and do so with love, kindness, compassion, confidence, and a deep sense of self as Karl would. Karl once said in an essay about success and reaching his goals to play in the NHL and being the best to play the game of hockey, “This dream is one that no one will ever get in the way of. One that when I look back, I will have silenced all of the people that ever doubted me.” Karl understood that the goals and achievements we come to in life don’t come easy, there will always be adversity rearing it’s ugly head around every corner. But, if we remain strong and devoted like Karl, not only will we better ourselves, but we will better the world as a whole. Remembering Karl we must Activate yourself to duty by remembering your position, who you are, and what you have obliged yourself to be. Then and only then, will we truly be doing his memory honor.


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