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Karl's Dream



Proclaimed with an exuberant smile and a sparkle in the eye, this was the epitome of a young man that brought goodness into every life he touched.  This gift to the world was taken from us suddenly and inexplicably on a cold Saturday morning, cutting short much promise and forever breaking dreams.

"I Have a Dream"

Ten years ago I set out on a mission. This mission is one full of determination and pride that no one can get in the way of. Through only and work and determination can this dream be reached. That one day I will play in the NHL.

Since the beginning of this dream, when I first stepped in a pair of skates, people have “said” they were behind me. Only to walk away and whisper under their breath, ”He’ll never make it.” It created for me a path of set backs that I’ve had to battle through.

And ten years later, I’ve overcome all of these set backs. And ten years later, I still haven’t proven enough to people that I have what it takes to go all the way. All they can see is my small 5’7” frame, over looking my talent, work ethic and determination. Ten years later I still realize that I’m going to have to be the best if I want to go pro.
So, I ask myself, how can I become the best? Even with all of the terrible adversity, and no one giving me a chance.  I have to be willing to make sacrifices. I’ll have to go the extra mile no matter what. To push myself in everything I do, never giving up. From doing that extra rep in the weight room, to making that extra save on the ice. I have to be willing to leave everything that I’ve got out there. The only way to quiet down the non-believers is through hard work and determination.

Through hard work and determination my dream can be achieved; of one day playing in the NHL.

Through hard work and determination I will reach heights in my lifetime not only in hockey, but my life too.

Through hard work and determination I will become physically and mentally stronger.

Through hard work and determination I will become bigger, faster, smarter, and stronger.

Through hard work and determination I will have the ability to compete for every minute of every period I’ll ever play.

Through hard work and determination I will become the best to ever play the game of hockey.

This dream is one that no one will ever get in the way of. One that when I look back, I will have silenced all of the people that ever doubted me.

Karl Seyb

January 2009

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Boise High School Junior Karl Seyb lost his life in a tragic car accident on April 9, 2011.  Karl was the consummate competitor and athlete, who loved all sports and achieved considerable levels of proficiency in hockey and baseball, and whose drive and dedication was an inspiration to all.  He was a friend to everyone, and could so easily encourage his teammates with a grin. 

A memorial sports scholarship fund has been created in Karl’s name with guidance from the Idaho Community Foundation.  The goal is to raise enough money for this fund to become self-sustaining and live on in perpetuity, so it can be used for years to come to help give other young aspiring athletes the chance to play the sports he so dearly loved. The hope is the deserving ones can play ball on Karl forever.

An Advisory Panel to provide direction to ICF has been formed to include Steve Skaggs and Rory Jones. Their dedicated effort is greatly appreciated.

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